Add Salt To Taste For Negishi Cross-Couplings

Chemists find that salt additives affect aryl- and alkylzinc reagents differently Steve Ritter Since its discovery in 1977, the Nobel Prize-winning Negishi cross-coupling reaction has been widely used for stitching together two organic groups to make complex molecules, ranging from antibiotics to electroactive compounds in light-emitting diodes. Even so, chemists this year found new insight […]

Chinese Citizens Protested p-Xylene

Environmental Dispute: Clash over plant making polyester intermediate turned violent Marc S. Reisch What started as a peaceful protest against plans to build a p-xylene plant in the southern China city of Maoming turned violent earlier this year when protesters started throwing water bottles and stones at police. Amateur videos showed the demonstration to be […]

Perovskite Solar Cells Gain More Ground

Photovoltaics: Scientists continue to improve the low-cost sun-catching materials Mitch Jacoby SIMPLE SETUP Ordinary lab equipment is all that’s required to make Perovskite solar cells. Credit: C&EN Tapping the near limitless power of the sun with inexpensive solar cells, many scientists believe, will be necessary to meet future global energy needs. Recent advances in photovoltaic […]

Congress Renews Antiterrorism Program

Antiterrorism: New law extended security requirements for chemical facilities Glenn Hess As 2014 drew to a close, Congress gave the chemical industry the regulatory certainty that companies have sought for years. Lawmakers extended for four years a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative that seeks to protect the nation’s industrial facilities against the risks of […]

Europe’s Chemical Makers Struggle

Competitiveness: Slack demand along with high energy and raw material prices made it a difficult year Marc S. Reisch A lackluster economy wasn’t the only problem for European chemical makers this year. Geopolitical forces and high prices for energy and raw materials also conspired to hold back the industry in 2014. Europe’s economy continued the […]