EPA Moves to Cut CO2

Climate Change: Move provokes coal supporters but gives push to treaty talks Jeff Johnson The Environmental Protection Agency this year proposed two regulations to lower carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants—one for existing units and one for new plants. Both are hotly contested by coal industry supporters in Congress and states. But internationally, the […]

Scientists Respond to Ebola Crisis

Drug Development: Outbreak in West Africa sparked flurry of activity to combat deadly virus  Britt E. Erickson, Lisa M. Jarvis Global efforts to fight Ebola ramped up this year as fears escalated that the virus would spread beyond the three West African countries where the current outbreak is centered. Both federally funded and private-sector work […]

Debate over labeling of food heats up

Britt E. Erickson Protesters marched in many U.S. cities this year demanding labels on foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Celebrity chefs joined the movement in support of mandatory labels, saying people have a right to know what they are eating. Meanwhile, food manufacturers poured tens of millions of dollars into campaigns to stop […]

Neonicotinoids Under Fire

Pollinators: Pesticides linked to bee deaths Britt E. Erickson Pressure to phase out neonicotinoids rose this year because of concerns that the insecticides may harm honeybees and other animals that spread pollen from flower to flower. Citing the “breadth, severity, and persistence” of honeybee losses, President Barack Obama in June ordered the Environmental Protection Agency […]