Lab Death Legal Cases Resolved

Felony charges against the University of California and chemistry professor Patrick Harran dropped in exchange for safety program and community service Jyllian Kemsley In 2009, chemistry research assistant Sheharbano (Sheri) Sangji died of injuries sustained in a laboratory fire at the University of California, Los Angeles. The last of the criminal cases stemming from Sangji’s […]

Winds Calm For The Shale Gale

Petrochemicals: Cost overruns and lower oil prices became headwinds for U.S. chemical makers Alexander H. Tullo For the past five years, U.S. petrochemical makers have been raking in enormous profits thanks to cheap shale-gas-based methane, ethane, and propane feedstocks. As 2014 showed, however, every silver lining has a cloud. New projects are being hit by […]